List of Snakes that Eat Birds

Nashville snake

A predator had likely raided the nest when an egg, a hatchling, or an adult bird went missing from its nest. Since most predators tend to move at night and attack quietly, we will not usually witness the attack. However, there may be some signs that will tell you that the snake is the culprit. For instance, if the bird is missing, but there are no signs that the nest has been ransacked, then it will most likely be a snake doing.

How Common Is the Snake Attacking Bird or Bird's Nest?
According to the study, snake predation will affect at least 26% of the bird's nest. In some instances, there was no act of predation that happened in the nest. Nevertheless, there were also instances when the nest was raided to almost 90%. It will involve the loss of the adult birds, the hatchlings, and the eggs. The most common culprit of the bird attack would be the fox snakes, rat snakes, and corn snakes, based on the research.

How Do Snakes Look for the Birds?
Rat snakes are most likely to attack birds during the nesting season. They were active at night that will make it a lot easier to raid the nest. They will use visual cues and their smell to track the birds. They are excellent when hunting their prey and will determine their location even if it is high above the ground. When they are stalking their prey, the rat snake will first observe its movement throughout the day. They will patiently wait and start their move when the night falls. The nests that were not visited by the mother bird were usually ignored.

Will Corn Snake Eat Birds?
Corn snakes can often be found on the field preying on large rodents. However, they can also add birds to their meal. These animals are docile, which is why they are the preferred pet of snake owners. In the wild, they will mostly be spending their time hiding. They can be active at night and day, but they will mostly be nocturnal during the warmer season. They have a strong muscular force that allows them to climb the trees.

Do Fox Snakes Attack Birds?
Fox snakes are native to the Midwest and Northeast. Like the other subspecies of fox snake, it will usually move in the daytime, but it can also hunt at night, especially in summer. They are also great climbers. They are generalist when it comes to their habitat; you may find them in the abandoned buildings, fallow fields, forest edges, hedgerows, and woodlands.

Apart from the snakes mentioned here, other snakes that will raid the bird's nest include the black racer, pine snake, speckled kingsnake, scarlet kingsnake, and coachwhip. Suppose you have a nest box in your home, and you are afraid that this may invite the snake. When placing it on top of the pole, the metal conduit must be smooth. You can also add grease on the pole to prevent them from gaining traction when climbing on the pole. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Nashville